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Pokemon Snap Is Going To Flood Social Media With Pictures


Pokemon Snap is an incredible N64 game that’s one of the most underappreciated entries in the franchise as far as I’m concerned. There was so much skill required to get the highest scores, and most players were simply too bored by the gameplay to bother playing it for too long. The Nintendo Switch version was revealed last year, and fans went absolutely wild for it. It’s going to be the most chilled out Pokemon experience you can have, which is quite an achievement considering how calm the games are already. Now though, we have a release date, and I think we all know that once we hit it, the game will be all over your social media feeds.

This is a game that’s all about taking pictures. You’ll get more pictures for snapping Pokemon in certain situations, such as while they’re attacking or laying an egg, but there will also be instances where players can cause certain Pokemon to appear. In the original game, you could make things happen in each level that would lead to events such as Moltres spawning from an egg. This opens up the chance to get a unique picture and high score that no one else, or at least very few other players, will ever see.

Given how many secrets exist in the Pokemon franchise, I reckon this new game is going to be absolutely packed with them. Come April 30, we’ll have social media feeds full of the pictures that everyone is taking. It’s going to be almost unbearable, but it’ll also be a useful tool for those who want to earn a higher score in each level. By watching where other people are getting decent scores, you can get out there are improve yours.

I think it’s pretty amazing that Nintendo is revisiting Pokemon Snap in 2021. The original game was such a flash in the pan that many people don’t even know about it today. It’s a game i remember fondly, but mostly because, as I’ve already mentioned, it was a chillout for me. I can’t wait for more players to experience that same sense of zen on their Switch this year.

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