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You Need To Pick Up Control From Xbox Game Pass Today


Today Control launches on the Xbox Game Pass. The game has been out for a while on all platforms, but this is the first time that you can access it as part of your monthly subscription service. It’s got a lot going for it, but above all, it’s a game that links up with the incredible Xbox exclusive Alan Wake. That alone is why you should be playing this game today on your Xbox console, but to back it up there’s actually quite an incredible gameplay experience to be had with this one as well. You should not be avoiding this one, you should be avoiding everything else to actively try it.

Control is a game about a force that actively defends the human race from strange goings-on getting completely overrun by some very scary creatures. This is where the protagonist steps in to save the day, but they’re not all they seem to be either. Overall, this is a game that’s got a lot of mystery linked to it. There are collectibles hidden everywhere, and even just opening a door feels like it’s going to unleash something horrific.

What I love about Control is the way that the story is told through in-game notes. It’s almost entirely told through this medium, something that many games shy away from. Sure, there’s a story you’re playing through, but for the most part, you’ll be exploring what’s happening through these notes. It gives you an excuse to scour the world for each item and pour over it like it’s a lost treasure. They reveal things that you would never figure out otherwise and add to the overall lore of the Alan Wake universe.

Yes, this game is part of the Alan Wake universe, which is why the second expansion adds the dude to the game. I don’t believe that either expansion will be included in this version of the game, but after you’ve completed it, you could always find them on the Xbox Store and download them if you enjoyed it. There are so many great games on Game Pass, but this is honestly one of the best. If you’re not trying out Control today, you should question why you have Game Pass at all.

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