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Play Resident Evil Village’s Maiden Demo Before You See Spoilers


I am incredibly pleased to say that we got a demo out of the Resident Evil Village showcase last week. Well, sort of. PS5 owners got an exclusive demo called Maiden which they can play. It’s interesting that this is the case, but it’s almost certainly only down to Sony paying Capcom for the exclusivity. It won’t mean that content is locked to a specific platform. However, right now this demo is locked to PS5 only. If you’re able to play it, and I understand that many people won’t be able to because of scalpers, then I suggest you play it sooner rather than later. You want to avoid as many spoilers as possible so that you can go in fresh.

Maiden is a non-combat demo for Resident Evil Village. It’s almost like a tech demo, though it does look like there’s something to avoid in it. That’s what makes it more for players rather than for investors or people who aren’t interested in playing. It puts you in the role of a woman who needs to escape the castle that dominates the landscape in the main game. It’s an incredibly creepy place, much like the videotape demo for Resident Evil 7 that scared the pants off players long before they got their hands on the game.

I foresee this demo having a lot of secrets to unlock, just like the demo for Resident Evil 7. If you completed that demo in a few different ways, you got some in-game bonuses that helped you out a lot in the main game. I hope that we get something similar out of Maiden, but in order to do that, I think there will be a secret the community needs to work together to unlock. As a result, there are going to be spoilers all over the internet before too long. If you don’t want the demo ruined before you’ve even touched it, my advice is to play it as soon as you can.

although, if you’re one of those helpful people who solve puzzles in streams, please do make yourself known so we can all benefit from the secrets in this demo.

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