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What Is RE:Verse All About?


During the recent Resident Evil Village showcase event, we got a look at an upcoming game in the franchise called RE:Verse. This is a new game in the franchise that’s all about multiplayer. It throws iconic characters from throughout the series together in some sort of competitive online setting. It looks totally bonkers. I don’t really understand what this game is going to be, but do have some thoughts based on the gameplay. What I think is truly telling is the fact that we get to play as both heroes and villains. This isn’t a game where you pick sides, you’re just out for yourself. Check out the teaser trailer for it below.

So as you can see, this is a game in which you much kill the enemy for points. It’s basically team deathmatch. However, when you die, or when you earn enough points, you evolve into something better or worse. I think I can see where this is going, and it’s very interesting.

I believe that the game will evolve players into forms that deal more damage and have a better chance of getting kills the more they die. They’ll then be forced to evolve into characters that are slightly harder to get kills with as they earn more points. In this way, players have a better chance of recovering and taking down the highly-skilled competitors they’re up against.

The game will pack in heroes and villains from all Resident Evil games. Players will get to use items such as Nemesis’ rocket launcher, and even Jack Baker’s double chainsaw. It looks absolutely insane, but also like a lot of fun. the game will be packed in with Resident Evil Village, meaning most players will at least give it a chance. I think this is a good move from Capcom because it’ll mean that they’ll get more players upfront. This should help evolve the game around what players want from it. I imagine that the game right now isn’t in the best shape for longevity, but with players helping shape it, I think that this could be a Resident Evil multiplayer game for the ages.

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