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Lady Dimitrescu In Resident Evil Village Must Be A Tyrant


Resident Evil Village is all I can think about right now. The lack of information that’s out there right now has left a huge gap for fans to throw theories into. Some of them are absolute garbage, but others sound like they could be plausible at least. One of those is the fact that Lady Dimitrescu, the giant beautiful woman in the game’s trailers, is a Tyrant. It could make sense in some way, but it sort of depends on how the Tyrant program has evolved over the years since the early days of Resident Evil.

The Tyrant program was an initiative to create supersoldiers using the T-Virus. It worked, to a degree, with creatures such as Nemesis and Mr.X, but there were always flaws in the system. Those flaws pretty much always result in the Tyrant’s heart being fully exposed for anyone to shoot at. However, with Nemesis they did sort of fix that issue. You’d think that no matter how bad things got, Umbrella would work on this project until they’d perfected it, because they’ve admittedly come pretty close.

Enter Resident Evil 7, a game that has a child who can spread mold that will create creatures that are controlled by her will. This is pretty much perfect, aside from the fact that you can’t control the girl with machines, she needs to trust you. That project may have gone awry, and Umbrella has suffered worse so it’s no real loss to them. This is where we move to Resident Evil Village though.

Lady Dimitrescu is incredibly tall, but she shows no outward signs of being a Tyrant, just like in Resident Evil 7. That’s why I think she could be a Tyrant, if not the perfect Tyrant. Umbrella doesn’t need to control her, they can reason with her and manage her. I also think that her daughters are therefore second-generation Tyrants. whatever virus is now being used has mutated again, creating a different superpower that’s unique to them. Umbrella may well be planning to produce more Tyrants this way since it’s easier than making them in a lab.

I’m so excited to see how true this ends up being in the final game.

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  • Bagel

    But she predates Umbrella by several decades, and (if the note in the demo is to be believed), she has been alive for several centuries. Whatever she is, Umbrella Corporation has nothing to do with her supernatural abilities. It’s more likely that she has the progenitor virus.

    Also, Evie wasn’t an Umbrella creation. They had nothing to do with her.