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Who Is The Man At The End Of Resident Evil Village’s Trailer?


The latest trailer for Resident Evil Village held so much information that it’s hard to handle it all. However, alongside that information comes an absence of it, and that’s what’s killing me more. The one thing I keep thinking about is the guy at the end of the trailer. He’s got black sunglasses on, and appears to have telekinetic powers since he makes everything around him levitate. He’s also got one heck of a massive hammer, but I’m not confident that’s his main ability, I just think he likes to use it. Check out the trailer below and see what I mean about this mystery man.

The main school of thought is that this guy is none other than Daniel Fabron, a member of Umbrella’s security forces who worked with Wesker himself. The guy was introduced with Resident Evil Resistance, so while he’s not been part of the story in a mainline game, he is definitely par of Resident Evil lore. You can play as him in Resident Evil Resistance, though you’re mainly working at keeping the survivors from escaping, so you’re just an all-round evil dude.

I think that fits with what we’re seeing in this trailer though. There’s nothing that says Fabron isn’t somehow infused with a virus or has become a bioweapon. In fact, it might make sense if he was. We already know that the large lady of the castle and her daughters have abilities, and are therefore bioweapons, so why shouldn’t an Umbrella operative be one too? He could be keeping an eye on things from within. If he’s got scary strength and mind powers, then he’s all the more threatening and able to keep the mother and daughters at bay so his blood stays in his body.

I think that we could be seeing some sort of perfect virus control emerging here. If Umbrella has this many bioweapons running around, all working together, then they could pose a real threat to humanity. Then again, they could also be a big issue for Umbrella if they’ve escaped to form their own village community. Hopefully we get to find out sooner than the game’s release date, because I’m dying for information here.

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    Maybe he’s the “brother” of Lady Dimitrescu? Didn’t she said something about him, something about “my brothers games”, which actually reminded me of Lucas Baker and his sick games :D. I have really bad memory, so somebody please correct me.