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Why Bloober Team Needs To Bring The Medium To Switch


Bloober Team is the brilliant developers behind games like Layers of Fear and the upcoming Xbox Series X/S exclusive The Medium. This is a game that puts players into the role of a woman who is able to see through both the physical world, and another world where everything isn’t quite as it seems. Players will be controlling the character across each world simultaneously, but also individually when the time calls for it. This unique type of gameplay simply isn’t possible on the PS4 or Xbox One, which is why this game is exclusive to the next-gen Xbox consoles only. However, there’s a trick that I think Bloober Team has missed with this game, and that’s the Switch as a platform to port it to.

The Nintendo Switch is far from the most powerful platform on the market, but it definitely bridges the gap between generations. The console has some outstanding titles on it such as DOOM Eternal and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it holds its own against the PS4 and Xbox One very easily. Even without a Switch Pro, I think that Bloober Team would do well to bring their new horror game to Nintendo’s platform. In fact, I think the game is ideal for the Switch.

The Medium is filled with puzzles that see you leave one world to explore and find a solution in another. Those type of gameplay duality is perfect for a console that has the ability to split its controllers into two devices. One Joy-Con could be used to control the protagonist in one world, while the second controller is either idle, or being used to keep the body in the second world alive. even the interactions that need users to engage with certain objects would work well on Joy-Cons. Imagine shaking something or throwing an object with an Xbox controller, there’s just so much more scope when you have the Joy-Con.

Hopefully one day we do see a Switch port of The Medium. I really do think that the game was made for the console, and I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it appeared there.

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