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Jurassic World Evolution Is Worth Getting Game Pass For


We’ve just been given a list of new games that are coming to Game Pass. They are Jurassic World Evolution, Wolfenstein Youngblood, Stealth Inc 2, Project Winter, The Falconeer, Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age, and Ghost of a Tale. The only one of these games that you should really care about is Jurassic World Evolution. It’s the epitome of management simulation games meeting the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park universe. You build and manage your very own park, there’s very little stress to be had, and you can sit back and watch the chaos unfold if you really want to. Which of course we all do.


Jurassic World Evolution isn’t a new game by anyone’s standards. However, being able to play it as part of Game Pass makes the subscription service more than worth the cost. On top of all the other games you’ll be gaining access to, you get to play this amazing management game. One that I’ve loved since it released.

You’re given the campaign to work through if you want, but there’s also a sandbox mode where you can build a park from scratch. In the campaign mode, you’ll be working across the islands of the Jurassic Park universe. You have to manage a series of parks, get them up to a certain standard, and then you can move on. I obviously got them up to 5 stars because I couldn’t leave them in any less of a state than perfect.

The sandbox mode is incredible though. You can build whatever you want from scratch. You can also research all kinds of dinosaur DNA and start splicing all sorts of monsters together for the public’s amusement. You have to be very careful about those monsters escaping though. That would be very bad for the park’s star rating.

If you like Rollercoaster Tycoon, this is the dinosaur version. I genuinely believe it’s the best tycoon game out there because it also lets you drive a car around your park, and even fly a helicopter over it. If you wanted to, you could also shoot your dinosaurs with tranquilizers as well. Don’t waste this opportunity to access the game, get Game Pass right now.

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