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BioWare Working With Modders Is A Lovely Change Of Pace


Mass Effect Legendary Edition now has a release date, but players aren’t exactly happy about it. Since these games have been out for a few years now, there are a plethora of mods that you can pick up and use with them. Unfortunately for some players, it’s looked like EA would pull their usual stunt and block all of those mods from Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, BioWare has announced that they’re actually working with modders on their mods. They want to get as many of them as possible to work in the remastered releases so that players can enjoy their games in whatever capacity they want.

As you can see, BioWare is all too aware of the modding scene for their games. In some instances, the mods actually fix some bugs that they haven’t. This is part of what makes mods so great, but the other part is all the weapons and other crazy stuff you can get in the game with them. The fact that Ea isn’t preventing BioWare from working with modders to get everything aligned for the remasters is very wholesome and totally uncharacteristic of the publisher.

In the past, I wouldn’t have put it past EA to simply state that all old Mass Effect mods won’t work in the Legendary Edition. Id’ even go as far as saying that they’d make the Legendary Edition incredibly difficult to mod, so that the modding community simply died out. Not anymore though, it looks like EA has learned from their past mistakes and wants to please players.

I know that there are still some players out there who will be disappointed no matter what. Personally, I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get a full Mass Effect remake, but then we are getting Mass Effect 4, so it’s not all bad. What all this means is that when Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches, you can fill it with all the mad mods you want. Some might take some time to be reworked for the new games, but ultimately all of them are being worked on so that they’ll be useable in the new release, as long as the mod author is still working on them.

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