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Chivalry 2 Looks Super Impressive


Last week, Torn Banner Studios, developers of the Chivalry series, gave us a good look at Chivalry 2. This came in the form of a brand new developer video that showed off loads of new gameplay and mechanics. While not everything was explored in-depth, it was enough of a teaser to whet my appetite, and now I’m hooked. The original game redefined first-person shooters in a way, and now the sequel looks like it’s going to take everything that game did and take it up another notch. I can’t wait to get my hands on yet more medieval warfare.

The things that stand out to me from this video are the new combinations you can achieve in combat, and the added mechanics in every map. It looks like the developers took a long look at every map and revamped what was possible in them. There are loads of weapons that you can use around it, but there are also more nooks and crannies, as well as bottlenecks where loads of soldiers can get stuck into a good old melee.

The combat is definitely the highlight here though. You can see how agile the players are now compared to the last game. It all follows what would have been physically possible wielding these weapons hundreds of ears ago, but it’s also a lot faster than the last game.

Suddenly you can defend yourself, parry an attack, and bring your axe back around to murder an enemy. It’s that moment-to-moment combat that made Chivalry so exciting, and it’s so much better here. It’s not just that though, there’s more of it. You can throw objects at enemies, and launch yourself into a melee from pretty much anywhere.

I’, really excited to see what other game modes and maps have been added to the game here. With a launch date of June 8, the game is still a little way off. If you pre-order it though, you can get into the beta, which takes place on March 26-29. That is going to be one beta that you should be dropping everything else in 2021 for. Don’t miss out.

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