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Dying Light Gets Even More New Content


You’re not going to believe this, but late last week The Xbox Hub picked up some news on two new pieces of content for Dying Light of all games. The game is now six years old, but somehow it’s still getting brand new content that keeps it interesting and relevant. I have to admit that I’m very much here for it, and these two pieces, in particular, are right up my alley. There’s a new free event, and a new paid DLC pack, but honestly both are brilliant. Check out the paid DLC pack trailer below first. I think Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fans will appreciate it most.

Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of Harran is a brand new cosmetic pack that allows you to dress up like the most popular people in gaming. Vikings are undoubtedly one of the best types of characters to play as. In a game that’s all about fighting hordes of the undead, I can’t imagine a more fitting collaboration. While the timing doesn’t exactly match up, it’s pretty great that you could be using a sword and axe to smash in zombies around Harran right now.

The second trailer here is for the free in-game event.

Most games have a Lunar Event right now, but Dying Light’s is all about celebrating and looking good while you do it. You need to kill enemies with fireworks to make the most of it, and as a result, you’ll earn new weapons and cosmetics to run around in for the rest of your time in Harran. Usually, you’d see an event like this in popular online games, which is why I think this new free event is suspicious in a way.

I don’t mean that Techland is trying to do anything sinister, not at all. What I’m getting at is that they promised some Dying Light 2 news, and we’ve not had it yet. I think they’re raising the profile of the first game again before they go ahead and reveal a release date for the sequel. My hope is that we get an announcement with a release date mere weeks away. We’ll just have to wait until around E3 before we see whether that happens though I think.

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