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Are You Ready For Immortals: Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods?


With everything else that Ubisoft is putting out, you might well have forgotten about Immortals: Fenyx Rising for now. Well, turn your focus back to this game, because its next DLC is set to launch on February 25. This DLC is The Lost Gods. It’s the first DLC to put players into the shoes of a brand new protagonist and properly mix up the already brand new formula. This one also features a pretty stark change to the standard gameplay you’ll have grown used to at this point, so strap in and get ready to experience something totally new.

In Immortals: Fenyx Rising – The Lost Gods, players take on the role of Ash. This new female character is pretty similar to Fenyx, but she’s definitely someone else. We know this because players will be trying to track down Fenyx and the other gods. They’re lost, and Ash is the one to find them. The gameplay is drastically different from that of the main game, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Instead of the third-person action gameplay, things switch to an isometric camera. The gameplay also allows you to customise Ash’s abilities according to your play style. There’s no need to pick up the skills in each segment just because they’re there and you have resources. You can gear Ash towards the way you want to play. This is really different from how Ubisoft’s open-world games work these days. USually, you just have to take the path through all the skills to unlock everything. Here though, we’ve got an open-ended skill tree to work with, and in the end, we’ll have a character who is good in the right areas according to how we play.

Maybe this isn’t as mind-blowing as I think it is. But I’ve never seen Ubisoft do this with an RPG. My hope is that they’re trying out some new features to see what players think of them. Far Cry 6 would be infinitely better if it also had an open-ended skill tree. I’m not sure that’s what we’ll get in the end with that game though. At least it’s something in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

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