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New Militsioner Gameplay Looks Incredible


IGN has managed to get their hands on some brand new gameplay for Tallboys’ upcoming giant policeman avoiding simulator Militsioner, and it looks awesome. The game was announced and revealed last year. It looks like the sort of concept that you come up with when you’re on something, but when you look through your notes in the morning you realise that it’s actually a brilliant idea. It’s the sort of game that you might make if you were a child in school with nothing to do other than play around with a game creation tool. Somehow though, it’s become a brilliant little indie title that’s going to take the market by storm when it launches.

The game’s concept is simple. You’re a criminal, and this giant police officer is keeping an eye on you. You’re trapped in this town, and you have to escape. That’s pretty difficult because this police officer sees everything you do. They’ll also reach down and pick you up whenever you try to escape.

This turns the game into a stealth adventure. You need to sneakily work out a plan, move stuff around the world to make it possible, and then wait until the police officer is distracted before you go for the goal of escaping. You can also talk to the officer, which will result in mixed feedback.

I’ve seen a few little videos of developers hiding on trucks and trains while attempting to get out of this town. They’re fun, and the thing I love most is that they’re based on escape plans built within the world. Players have to figure out how to escape. There are sure to be a few main escape routes that will be hinted at. For the most part, however, I think the onus will all be on the player.

In a similar way to how Hitman 3 is open for you to do whatever you want, I think Militsioner will have endless replayability. There will be loads of opportunities and challenge runs to accomplish. The only question is how much time do you want to put into the game. I think this could take up 100 hours for me at least.

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