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Now Is Another Great Time To Start The Division 2


The Division 2 is one of those MMOs from my favourite developer, Ubisoft, that has passed me by a bit. I’ve been stuck in Destiny 2 for years, and that’s never going to change. However, with very little else coming out right now, I’ve been considering getting into the game so that I have some sort of grasp of the story. I loved the first game, and I’d like to see how this story develops, alongside the new settings and game mechanics. Now though, I’m pleased to report that Ubisoft has dedicated to creating even more new content for the game in 2021.

The Division 2’s last update was meant to be the final one. There wasn’t supposed to be any new content coming after that. However, now, thanks to player support, they’re working on new content at Ubisoft. I’m always impressed by the stuff I see being added to the game. The last bit of new content was an elevator that took you up every floor, tasked you with killing all the enemies, and then pushed you up again. The floors get increasingly difficult, and then the top is a boss. This is a concept I love, and it really does fit well with the universe of The Division that I remember.

The game is usually pretty heavily discounted. Picking it up now, plus the expansion, Warlords of New York, and the season pass, will give you endless hours to plow through. The game is made to be played for hundreds of hours. It’s got loads of PvE content, but there’s also a really incredible PvP mode to explore in the Dark Zones. These are areas where you can work with or fight against other players, and it’s all quite tense. This is what I used to live for in the first game, and I miss it when I’m playing games like Destiny 2, where the PvP is way more traditional and stripped back.

In the UK, lockown looks to be easing in the next few weeks. That’s just enough time to get through the story, at least in my mind it is. I’m going to take the opportunity while I have it, and come out of lockdown with The Division 2 under my belt.

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