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Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Will Be Worth The Wait


At the time of writing, Ubisoft hasn’t revealed anything new about Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer. That may have changed by the time this is published, but there’s still been a development even if they haven’t. The latest update to the game added an entire online component to the tutorials area, and it reveals that there’s content in the game already for multiplayer. The only issue is, we can’t access it. That doesn’t matter though, because we know what it’ll be like, and we know how good it’s going to be. It’ll be worth the wait.

Watch Dogs has always had an interesting multiplayer scene. The first game had the traditional multiplayer that’s become a staple for the series, and it’ll eventually be in Legion. It sees you invade another world and hack the player there. If you manage it and escape before they find you, then you’ll earn some experience and rewards. If you don’t, and they catch you, they win some rewards.

This version of multiplayer was in Watch Dogs 2, and it’ll be in Legion too when multiplayer launches. While it’ll be more complex thanks to the extra systems in the game, it’ll still be the same old multiplayer.

The first game also had an interesting multiplayer game that worked with an iPad app. On iPad, users could send enforcement officers towards players who were just minding their own business in their game. If the player on the console managed to escape, they’d win rewards. If the iPad player won, and the other player was caught, then they’d get the rewards. Ubisoft has given up on smartphone apps for their major releases since, opting for full games instead, but it was quite good when it worked.

I would like to see a return of this phone application multiplayer in some form with Legion. Maybe there could be an app that saw you quickly attack or hack enemy players in a match 3 game. This could be a great way to earn in-game rewards while out and about. There’s no need to dedicate hours, but there’s no need to play anything else either.

Regardless, we do know that Legion will have spider bot multiplayer and all kinds of other goodies. Right now, we just need to be patient and wait for it all to drop into our laps in the game.

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