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Plants Vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville On Switch Will Be The Best Place To Play


During last week’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that EA’s Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is hitting Nintendo’s hybrid console. This was a bit of a shocker for me since I thought this game was slowly dying in the background. It turns out that I’m totally wrong. In fact, the game has a budding player base who battle it out on a regular basis between the two armies. Now, with the Nintendo Switch version launching on March 19, the game is about to get a lot bigger and have a lot more players under its belt. Check out the trailer below and read on for some more details.

This game is far from the original Plants vs Zombies release that I was playing on my iPhone 3GS when it came out. It’s a full-on 3D shooter that would probably have an 18+ rating if there was any blood. Instead, we’re greeted with plants that turn to mulch, and zombies who are already technically dead.

I’ve played a little of the game on other platforms, and it’s genuinely enjoyable. The gameplay resembles that of other third-person team-based shooters. It’s frantic fun that has clearly been designed to be replayable, and there’s a lot of stuff to unlock as well. This is the hook that keeps you playing, since every new character can then be used to unlock more in both multiplayer and single-player.

Here lies the secret to this game’s overall success, at least that’s what I think. Both online and offline modes offer similar experiences, and players are welcome to do whatever they want. There’s nothing forcing them to spend more money or play online, and they’re largely left to their own devices. However, the game is so much fun that you can’t help but want to play more and explore every single mode. EA and PopCap really hit the ground running with this game. Despite its age, I think this is going to be a proper sleeper hit on the Switch. We’ll see the Splatoon 2 player base, which is so desperate for more content, head over while they wait for Splatoon 3, and all the new fans will expand that player base even further.

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