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Pokemon Legends Arceus Sounds Like The Start Of A New Spin-Off Series


With the Pokemon Presents stream last week, The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Legends Arceus. I don’t know about you, but the name of the game alone tells me that this is the first entry in what the developer wants to be a new spin-off series. The gameplay builds on this, showing a fully fleshed out release that’s got gameplay mechanics that players will easily fall in love with. I can see this spin-off series being a fan favourite, maybe even more popular than the main games. The fact that it stars the original Pokemon is also pretty damn cool.

Arceus is the original Pokemon and god in the universe of Pokemon. It’s even called The Original One. Apparently, according to what is believed within the Pokemon universe, this thing created everything, including Pokmeon. As such, it’s sort of the origin point between humans and Pokemon, which makes it extremely powerful and confusing. It’s franked above the Lake guardians and Creation Trio from Pokemon Diamond and PEarl. Those creatures played a huge part in creation, but all the power really lies with Arceus.

I don’t know what this game will have us do, but it better see us catching Arceus at some point. Overall, it looks like an evolution of the wild areas in Sword and Shield. Players run around and dodge around Pokmeon. they can catch them by throwing a ball, and even fight them without entering into a new screen. I think this might be the first time that’s ever been possible.

In many ways, this makes Pokemon Legend Arceus a more realistic Pokemon game. That blueprint though, running around catching and fighting, can be used everywhere else. You could take the spin-off series and explore where the Regi set of Pokemon came from. You could even dedicate an entire game to exploring the Unknown. The possibilities are potentially endless. As long as more Pokemon keep releasing, these games can continue to be made.

I’m excited for the new venture that the Pokemon series is about to embark on. The game won’t be out until 2022, so there’s a long time to wait until we find out. Maybe there will be some hints in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl later this year.

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