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Ubisoft Confirms Future Content For Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint didn’t exactly have the best launch in 2019. It was a bit of a mess, and fans didn’t quite know what to think of it. What was promised was a much stealthier Ghost Recon experience with modern drones, but what we got felt like the launch versions of Anthem, The Division, and Destiny 2. With that said, Ubisoft stepped up and worked on the game based on feedback from players. This led to the addition of Immersive Mode, new events, and even AI teammates. Now, the company has dedicated itself to supporting and bringing new missions to the game throughout 2021.

I think the most important thing that Ubisoft has done here is acknowledging the state of the game at launch. It wasn’t what players wanted, but they’ve made it better with help of what fans have been saying. Now, they’re planning on doing more of the same in 2021. With a few twists along the way of course.

While there aren’t any specifics, I think we can make some educated guesses about what to expect in this game. The first is going to be more raid content. Players are hungry for it, and Ubisoft can’t support the game without it. I think this will come with an expansion, similar to the Warlords of New York DLC for The Division 2. This will also add new areas to explore, something that fans are definitely asking for.

As for the twists, I think one of them will be obvious. With the two major events the game has seen, Auroa has been completely overrun by Terminators or Resistance Fighters. I reckon that Ubisoft would be crazy to miss out on a zombie event for their game. This modifier would make for a terrifying new experience. Imagine an eternal night during which you had to avoid zombies. Defending areas from hordes would become essential, and you could even introduce a small base building mechanic. That’s my hope for the game in 2021 anyway. There are some legitimately exciting months ahead of us in this game. Make sure you stick along for the ride before Ubisoft is officially done with it in favor of the next one.

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