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No Conditions For Microsoft And ZeniMax Deal


The deal for Microsoft to Acquire ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, has been approved. This means that the US Securities & Exchange Commission has investigated both companies and approved the deal. The body has found nothing that warrants further investigation at all. In fact, they think that the deal should go ahead without anyone else needing to shove their noses in. This is a great outcome for the businesses because it means they can move forward without any issues. But what does it mean for fans of these companies and their games?

The truth is that there’s very little we all need to worry about. Microsoft has said in the past that they’re not in the business of making all ZeniMax games PC and Xbox exclusive. Since they actually own the company now, it would be detrimental to their income streams if they did that. They stand to make much more cash if they allow more people to buy the games their studios produce. If anything, the deal will mean that ZeniMax studios can produce games for even more platforms.

The two games we all really care about though are The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield. These are the next two planned releases from Bethesda. While we know absolutely nothing about them, we do know that Starfield is the next planned release. It’ll be out before The Elder Scrolls 6, which is a bit of a shame.

Bethesda now has more resources backing it. As a company, they benefit from Microsoft’s distribution and production contacts. They also have the backing of the company’s budget in these areas. You never know what deals Microsoft has been able to secure over the years, which might lead to faster game production in the long run.

The biggest benefit I see of this acquisition being able to move forward unhindered is the fact that game development won’t suffer. Microsoft can bring ZeniMax into the fold without any disruption, and then give them the latest technology to help them with their staff working from home. With so many games being delayed due to development issues around remote working, anything from one of the biggest tech giants the world has ever seen is going to help.

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