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Do We Need A Switch Pro?


While rumours of a Switch Pro have been doing the rounds for about one year now, some new ones seem to suggest something a little closer to reality. Previously, the rumours were discussing features such as 4K visuals and hyper-modern games launching for the unit at the same time as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Now though, the rumours have calmed down to offer something a little more concrete. I’m more on board with these than I ever have been, but I still have to question whether such a device is needed. Let’s see those rumours and talk them through further.


Okay, so this console is meant to launch later this year, and there will only be 1 million in stock. Firstly, Nintendo has suffered a lack of stock issue with the base Switch, so I don’t believe there would be so few. Hopefully more are available, otherwise, this will make yet another Switch to see stock issues. I can believe that this will have a larger screen all around, even a better battery. The 4K visuals when docked sounds so much more realistic, so I’m glad that’s been clarified.

The real question here is whether a new Switch is even needed at this point. We’ve had a new model for every year since the console launched. There’s the base mode, improved battery, Switch Lite, and now this will be the fourth. I understand that Nintendo wants to iterate, but this feels both wasteful and money-grabbing. I’d say that they’re better off leaving at least two years between consoles.

Now the thing that we’re only just starting to realise is that this console will be more powerful, and therefore be capable of playing better games. This will lead to a number of games being exclusive to the device, which will effectively make this a Switch 1.5. In the same way the PS4 Pro was a PS4 1.5. With the Switch, the difference will be much more obvious though, since that added power will open up an entirely new world for developers to work with.

Ultimately, I think we do need a new Switch console, but the way Nintendo is going about it feels like they’re more concerned about money than customers.

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