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Fallout 76: Locked And Loaded Is The Next Update


In a recent blog post, Bethesda revealed that the next update for Fallout 76 is called Locked and Loaded. This update is going to do a few things, but the best of them all is bringing back the PTS. That’s the Private Test Server for PC players. It gives every player on the PTS the chance to try out the next update and new content. They can then submit feedback to Bethesda before it’s pushed out to the base game for everyone else out there. you can get a special item for your Camp, but really it’s just all about being able to play some new content early.

At the time of writing, the PTS is already live. However, the update that you’ll be testing out won’t arrive in the game until April 27. That gives you more than a month to mess around and break it apart before it actually gets into the game. New features that you can test include changes to the loadout system and camp features, all of which have desperately needed a revamp for a good long while. I’m still trying to build a bar, and I just can’t get enough resources to do so. Hopefully, this update goes some way to fixing that.

I think the biggest new addition with this update will be an increase to the amount of stuff you can fit in your camp. This has been a long-requested feature, and now it looks like Bethesda is doing something about it. I do like the restricted space in one way. It forces me to pick and choose what I’ll place, and has led to some incredible creations. However, it’s not very good if you have a big vision and can make about half of what’s in your head. I think the community is ready for more camp space, and the creations will only get wilder because of it.

Mixing up loadouts will also make the game a bit more enjoyable. I’d like to see some new perk cards and a way to mix and match them in a slightly different way. Whether Bethesda is messing with the formula that much though, we’ll have to wait and see.

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