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Techland To Update The World On Dying Light 2 Tomorrow


Techland, the developer of the exceptional Dying Light, is giving everyone an update on the status of Dying Light 2 tomorrow. The news will come via the Dying Light Discord server. The game was said to be getting some big news earlier in the year, but until now we’ve heard nothing. This could be the news that the developer was talking about, but it feels like it’s been pushed back three months in is getting into spring rather than early year territory. There are a few things this news could relate to, but I think we’d all just settle for a release date or confirmation that it’s coming out this year.

Dying Light 2 was slated to release in late 2020. After the pandemic hit, the game was delayed indefinitely. I think that Techland is finally willing to settle on a new release date. Obviously, it would be incredible if they could show us the game and announce its release in the same moment. However, not even Bethesda managed that with Fallout 4, so we’re probably looking at a month of lead time before we get to play the game at least.

All this development time probably means that the game has changed a lot. Some people have suggested that the developer has had a hard time keeping developers and creating a safe working environment. However, it looks to me like those who are working on the game are enjoying it. No doubt there are issues at the workplace in some way, but the game itself doesn’t appear to be falling apart because of it. If anything, the added development time should have given Techland the time they need to polish the game and make an even more impressive showcase for everyone.

Right now, there’s not a lot on the horizon in terms of new releases. We need something to look forward to. That something could be Dying Light 2, as long as tomorrow’s reveal goes well. Techland needs to deliver a new trailer, some gameplay if possible, and a release date. Without these, there’s not much that they can do to get Dying Light fans and the community at large any more excited about the game than they are right now.

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