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Surviving Mars Is Worth Revisiting In 2021


2021 has a few good games on the horizon, but there’s not much going on in terms of city builders. These games are great because they provide you with a blank piece of real estate and allow you to transform it into your own creation. Everything is within your control, and you can make anything you can imagine. Well, Paradox Interactive has bucked the trend here by announcing that Surviving Mars is getting a bunch of new content over the course of 2021, and it’s all looking to be really good. Check out the latest trailer for the game below and read on for some more thoughts on this game.

The two main things that we know are coming to the game so far are a tourism update and a content pack. The tourism update adds loads of new structures that are all catered to those visiting your base for a holiday. They’re experiencing something that we can only dream of right now, and they want to have fun. You can build them hotels and amusements and generally show them a good time. If you don’t, it might cost you some serious revenue.

The new content pack adds eight new dome buildings that have actually been created by someone within the community. This is the first example of someone creating a mod that Paradox Interactive has seen and made into something everyone can now access. These are definitely more of a cosmetic aspect to the game, giving players something that looks aesthetically pleasing. While it might not make a huge difference to the game, it’ll give you something else new to toy around with.

There’s so much more than this planned for the rest of the year. Right now is the perfect time to get into Surviving Mars, because you can learn the intricacies of every system before they all change with the upcoming updates.  City builders and management games like this have all seen a boom over the pandemic, and it looks like the players who have adopted them are set to stay. This is the start of a long road of progress for the red planet’s main city building game.

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