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Prepare For Immortals: Fenyx Rising The Eastern Realm This Week


The fairly new Ubisoft title from the end of 2020 that nobody seems to be talking about, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, is getting some new DLC this week. On March 25, the game’s second major DLC, The Eastern Realm, will launch for all platforms. This is a brand new campaign for players to take on and doesn’t require anyone to have finished the main story or anything like that. Given that there’s a big new content drop coming, I thought it was worth reminding you that you can prepare for the LDC in the days leading up to its launch. Load up your game and get playing.

The Eastern Realm stars a new hero and setting. It’s basically a much smaller new game strapped onto the main release that is Immortals: Fenyx Rising. However, you can go some way towards getting ready for it by playing the main game leading up to its release. You’ll adapt back to the play style you’ve adopted for playing the game, using certain buttons for specific actions, getting your head around the dodge mechanic again, and reminding yourself how world exploration works. These are all things that I struggle with when I’m getting back into a game, so I’ll be working on building back my muscle memory before I get into the new adventure.

Of all the DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, this is the one that I’ve been most excited for. The last one was just a bunch of new challenges to take on. It didn’t add too much to the game in terms of decent activities that you can really get stuck into. The Eastern Realms adds an entirely new world and mythology to explore. It’s totally different to the base game, and that’s exciting. This is the first step in the Immortals: Fenyx Rising IP moving into new territory, indicating that Ubisoft wants to make more of this franchise. I’d love to get more games in new mythologies and see how they all link. If this DLC is good, then it’s a sign that we’re probably going to get more.

If you’re even a little bit excited about the prospect of more Immortals: Fenyx Rising, do yourself a favor and play it before the new DLC drops.

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