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Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Leaked


Over the weekend, a closed beta which was very much kept under wraps was underway for Rainbow Six Parasite. The PvE game is one of my most highly anticipated games of 2021, and I was thrilled when I heard from VG247 that some gameplay had leaked. Unfortunately, that gameplay has now been taken down. Since there’s a big old NDA associated with the game, I’m not that surprised. However, we did get a good look at the gameplay before that footage was taken down, and the formula looks awesome. There’s no way to show it to you, but I can outline what happens in a single game.

First, players are dropped straight into the match. There’s no drone phase here, but all the Operators do still have a drone. I think this is useful for scouting ahead since it seems to play well to be quiet and stealthy. Enemies have an indicator on their heads that shows you when they’re about to spot you. This makes it possible to avoid certain routes and take enemies down without alerting a nearby horde.

Every match has three zones, and you’ve got to work your way through all of them. The difficulty ramps up as you move through the zones. Each one has objectives to complete, but you don’t need to do them all. Instead, you can opt to extract out of a zone after you’ve completed it. There’s no need to get to the end of the match in that sense. It will seriously hinder your team though. I can see this playing into some sort of loot vs safety mechanic, in which you get better loot if you stick it out for longer in a game.

Thankfully, the gameplay seems to be modified just enough that it still feels like a Rainbow Six spin-off, but it’s geared far more towards PvE. That means faster movement, better aiming, and faster Operators in general who can react to enemies swarming them. If this game mode is anything like the time-limited event that the main game had a few years ago, I’m very excited to get my hands on it and play it.

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