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Black Panther Will Be A Game-Changer For Marvel’s Avengers


During a big livestream that featured a tonne of Square Enix-related reveals, we got a look at the first big expansion coming to Marvel’s Avengers. The expansion looks like it’s called Black Panther War for Wakanda, and it’s going to add Wakanda as a location, and finally provide a hero that players actually want. Black Panther. I’ve been slowly making my way through this game, and while I love the story, the two DLC characters that we’ve had so far feel a bit empty. Black Panther is going to be the first one that players will actually enjoy getting into, and I can’t wait for him to completely change the public opinion of the game.

From the looks of things, AIM has headed into Wakanda to take all the Vibranium they can get their hands on. To do that, they’ve probably killed a lot of people there, and that never sits right with the true king of Wakanda. Black Panther isn’t just a hero, he’s become a movement within the Marvel universe thanks to how great the movie was at portraying both him and his culture. Crystal Dynamics should have brought him out as the first new hero months ago, but it’s easy to see why they’ve held off from doing so.

War for Wakanda is an expansion, not an Operation. That means that we’ll get a meatier story and a lot more content out of this expansion than we’ve had from the recent Operation expansions. This DLC will probably drop for the game’s first full-year anniversary and start an entirely new trajectory for what is a pretty hated game right now.

There is definitely a lot of work to be done on Marvel’s Avengers before we can call it a fantastic game. It’s got some huge progression issues, and only now has it been possible to replay the story. It looks like the developer and publisher are working together to adapt the game to what players want. This is how most MMOs develop these days, and it’s nice to see a publisher as big as Square Enix allowing fans to dictate the new features and systems that are added in or removed. Hopefully, we see some massive improvements when the first real DLC hero drops this year.

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