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Hitman Sniper Assassins Is Going To Be Your New Best Mobile Game


In the big Square Enix reveal livestream last week we got some exciting news regarding the Hitman franchise. While Io Interactive has finished with the series, at least making new games for it, Square Enix is producing a brand new mobile entry that looks like it could be really good. Hitman Sniper Assassins is a game that will double down on the fun of the spin-off title within Io Interactive’s Hitman reboot trilogy and turn it into a game that you’ll want to play every day. This is an exciting interlude for Agent 47, and demonstrates that there’s still some serious interest in this IP.

From what I can tell, players will be able to pick from a roster of Assassins. This is probably set before the events of Hitman 3, but I could be wrong. the actual gameplay is likely to resemble that of the spin-off title I mentioned earlier. Your agent will sit on a cliff or a high point miles from a location, and you’ll need to use a sniper rifle to take down targets. There will be multiple targets and opportunities to kill them as they move around the area, but that’s not all there is on offer.

I expect that the opportunities to kill targets will include shooting objects to crush them, and possibly even set up elaborate kills such as poisoning a target somehow. If you are skilled in the original spin-off title, then you can kill all the targets on a map and hide their bodies without anyone noticing that there’s something wrong. This is sure to be possible in this new mobile release, but more needs to be given to players to keep them interested.

No doubt the game will include the tropes of most modern titles such as a battle pass to work through across seasons, but that’s okay if it continues to give us meaningful content. The story alone will be enough for me. I also love the idea that we’re playing as multiple assassins, allowing the Hitman universe to feel a little fuller without Agent 47 as the driving force for once. We’ll have to see how good it is when it launches later this year.

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