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Of Course Immortals: Fenyx Rising – Myths Of The Eastern Realm Is A Reskin


The latest DLC for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Myths of the Eastern Realm, is a complete reskin of the base game. Yes, some elements are brand new, but a large portion of the content is based heavily upon what you get in the base game. I’m very surprised to see a lot of press outlets criticizing the DLC for this, because it should be expected. Most games do this exact same thing when new content is added. Enemies might look different, but they’re essentially the same. Powers look different, but they’re the same. Story elements are new of course, but for the most part, it’s a reskin. So why is that a surprise?

If you get into the nitty-gritty, the only new things are the looks of the world, the enemies, and a handful of powers. The story is all-new, so you’ve got new gods and a brand new protagonist, but then that gameplay loop is persistent. Go out, complete quests and collect resources, head back to base and gear up with new powers, then go and do it all again. Ubisoft has done this with both the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises over and over again, and only with Immortals: Fenyx Rising does it seem to be an issue.

I think these complaints stem from the fact that this game is a new IP. Many don’t like it, and want to see it fail. Ubisoft doesn’t start an IP if they aren’t going to make at least three games with it though, so it’s here to stay. Anyone who has actually played it knows that this is a good game. Sure, some elements are borrowed from other Ubisoft franchises, but that’s also true of every franchise they have. This DLC is great, and that’s will full acceptance that it’s a reskin. There’s no reason it wouldn’t be.

The bottom line is, Ubisoft never made a promise that the gameplay style would change in this DLC. There’s a third one coming for the game where all of that is different. For now, reviewers and those who don’t play the game need to look at the other games they enjoy and ask how much of the DLC in those isn’t more than a reskin with new story elements.

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