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The True Twist Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Has Only Just Been Realized


For a good couple of years after it came out, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the best-selling shooter on the market. It even outsold Black Ops 4 more often than not, fixing itself as a constant name on the UK sales charts. I never finished the story, and now I’m kicking myself. The game has a twist that I think must have only just been uncovered, because the one that the game shows you is just too obvious. One content creator by the name of DX has put together a phenomenal video showing exactly what he thinks the twist is and why. By the end, I promise you’ll be on the same page as him, and dying to replay the story.

I won’t spoil the twist, but I will tell you why it’s so important. In this video, DX shows you how important it is to view a game, or creation, through the lens of the things that inspired it. By doing this, he’s able to identify all kinds of information that would otherwise never hit home. While it might all be pure speculation, I don’t think it is. Every detail is so intricately placed that it must be part of it, and therefore the true meaning behind the game’s story.

Black Ops 3 was the last Call of Duty game of its era to have a story mode. On PS3 and Xbox 360 it was actually removed because Activision thought people would hate it so much. I think this is what allowed the developers to put such an intricate story into place though. No one at the publisher was paying attention to what they thought was filler, so we got a banging story that’s still showing us how it’s relevant today.

After Black Ops 3, there was no story in Black Ops 4. Following that though, story made a real comeback. It’s taken a while, but I think the franchise is slowly getting back into telling meaningful stories, but Activision is paying much closer attention. Maybe we’ll get to see something like this again one day, but for the next few years I think every developer is best to keep their heads down and avoid making something like this again.

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