What Might Bungie’s Secret World Be?


Bungie has announced that it’s working on a brand new secret world and IP in parallel with all its Destiny 2 stuff. This is something that Destiny 2 fans have known for a while, but now it seems like work is fully underway on this project. Bungie isn’t a small developer, it’s one of the bigger ones. Anything that they make is going to have longevity and huge scope. Look at Halo and Destiny if you need an example. I have no idea what this new IP could be, but I have a pretty good idea of what the developer has worked on in the past. Maybe that can indicate where the new IP is going.

Bungie is best known for two things. Destiny and Halo. Unfortunately, Halo has moved on to 343 Industries, though that developer is doing a great job with it. Bungie went on to produce Destiny and Destiny 2. These two games have built up a community of millions of players that log in every day. It’s a phenomenon, and it’s great. I think that these two franchises could show us where Bungie is planning on going with its new secret world IP. Space.

It’s not hard to look at a sci-fi developer and say that it’ll make another sci-fi game. That sort of seems like a given fact. Bungie is well-versed in building extremely vast universes that stretch way beyond known space and sci-fi tropes. In Halo, it went into the theory of progenitors and a sort of plan for the universe. In Destiny, we’ve been given space magic, and true evil. However, I want to say that Bungie is also capable of being grounded in its creations. I think that the developer is perfectly capable of making a game that involves sci-fi and space, but is heavily grounded in the world we know.

This game could be set in the near future, or an alternative future. I’d like to think that whatever it is, it’ll be even more accessible than Halo. One thing that I think we can all say for sure is that it’ll be a shooter. The developer is incredibly talented at making them, so why would it shy away from that particular skill.

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