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How Many Pictures Of Lady Dimitrescu Are You Going To Take In Resident Evil Village?


It has been confirmed that Resident Evil Village will have a photo mode. This is a common feature in many games that release these days. However, it’s the first in the Resident Evil franchise that will actually have a dedicated feature around it. The news came off the back of a new piece of gameplay footage that was broadcast over the weekend. It shows the game running on a PS4 Pro, and, most importantly, highlights the game’s photo mode. Fans will have been gagging for this since Resident Evil 7’s new first-person camera, and there’s a lot of potential for fun with this in Resident Evil Village.

I’ll be honest, I completely missed this the first time I watched the footage. However, now fans have gone absolutely nuts over the feature. There’s one key reason for this. Lady Dimitrescu. She’s been a source of thirst ever since she was revealed, and now players know that they can take pictures with her. I imagine that initially, you’ll only be able to take pictures of moments in the game. I don’t think this will extend beyond the first-person camera either. After a while, I think we might get a third-person view. The developers probably need a bit of time to make Ethan look less like a potato.

Following that though, I think we should be able to get some super silly filters for the camera. Let’s have some poses, and then there should be a competition to get the best photo with this absolutely gorgeous and terrifying woman. Capcom didn’t know what they were doing when they made Lady Dimitrescu, but now they’ve certainly clocked on. They’re going to be giving players as many opportunities to see and be with her as possible. To be honest, that scares me a little.

Outside of the photo mode, I do think that the fact that Lady Dimitrescu throws quite a large and heavy vanity unit across the room should show us that she’s almost certainly a tyrant. If she isn’t, I have no idea where her size and strength could have come from. Hopefully, we can find out when the game launches.

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