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Voxel Tycoon Looks Like A Cozy New City Management Obsession


Voxel Tycoon is a city management game with an extremely cozy vibe that’s coming to Steam early access this week. The game has some of the most beautiful visuals that I’ve ever seen, and it’s got the hardcore city management feel that fans of the genre like me crave. I think this game could be very big when it launches, but it’s probably got a long way to go if it’s in Steam early access from this week. Still, after a year, this will almost certainly be the cozy city management game of your dreams once you let it in.

The game has quite a lot going on underneath the hood. You need to first start producing raw materials to make products. You can then transport those to where they need to go. From there, you can start researching more in-depth manufacturing processes, until you’re eventually making everything in your sprawling city. You get to manage the traffic, the vehicles moving the goods, and even the transport bringing people into the locations you set up. Best of all, you can even make your own buildings to create a city that’s extremely efficient and looks great.

I think that the best thing about this game right now is the way it looks. Everything seems so much less stressful in this style, unlike games like Endzone: A World Apart. Here, you could cause a city-wide pileup and you’d still feel cool as a cucumber. The second great thing that you get with the game isn’t even obvious though. The world is endless. It’s been designed so that you can keep building forever, and that means that your city can keep getting bigger and producing more money over time. You can make a megacity if you want to, all it takes is the time and patience to sit down and set things up.

I think that this game has some serious legs. Especially if you’re one to sit on your bed playing games that give you that warm, relaxing feeling inside. They’re the best, and this one has heaps of it to go around.

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