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What I Want To See In This Week’s Resident Evil Village Showcase


This week, we’ve got another Resident Evil showcase on the cards. It was announced last week that on April 15, we’ll be getting a new trailer and gameplay video for Resident Evil Village. It’s also been said that there will be some surprises from the developers. I have no idea what those surprises could be, but we’ll get to those in another article. For now, I want to go through the things that I need to see from this new trailer and gameplay video. We’ve got less than a month to go, please, let’s have at least one of these crumbs of information.

One thing that we’ve seen some details about is the photo mode. I would love to see a full breakdown of how this works. I think fans want to know if they can insert themselves into a scene with Lady Dimitrescu. Obviously, that’s not possible. If, however, it is possible to pose Ethan in just the right way to make it look like she’s stomping on him or he’s got his arm around her shoulder, that would be great.

Next, I think the vampire cult that Lady Dimitrescu leads needs to be fleshed out. Let’s get some details about the difference between men and women in this village, and why Ethan matters so much. It’s clear that there’s something either in his blood or his daughter’s blood that the evil forces here want, so let’s get a better idea of what’s going on.

Finally, I would love to see the outskirts that the game starts in a bit more. We’ve seen loads of the vampires, let’s get some more face time with the werewolves. These guys look brutal and incredibly challenging to kill. I’d like to know what the locals are doing to work around them, and whether we’re going to need to sneak around to get away from them or not. Capcom obviously isn’t going to blow all of the game’s secrets this week, but I think a little more information would go a long way to helping fans understand what they’re letting themselves in for. It would also stop most of us from bursting a blood vessel in anticipation.

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