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Is There Anywhere For A New Uncharted Game To Go?


Alongside the rumors of The Last Of Us getting a remake was another rumor that a new Uncharted game is coming. I love this series, and have played every game and enjoyed every second. I used to replay them on a regular basis, but with less time I’ve had to scrap that for now. With the potential news that another game is coming, I have to wonder where the Uncharted series can go though. There are very few avenues to travel, apart from adding in a new character to follow.

The first, and the most obvious, path is to follow Chloe and Nadine, or at least one of them. There are a few great characters in the Uncharted universe that it would be nice to see in their own standalone title, but none more than these two. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, was a standout moment in the franchise, one that I think is better than some of the mainline games. As to whether these two could fill up a full-length game though, that’s not something I’m confident of. Chloe is maybe my favorite side-character, but I think her story would get too dark and detract from what Uncharted is if we focused solely on her.

Instead, I think that Nate and Elana’s daughter is the new character to follow. Her name is Cassie, and you get to play as her at the end of Uncharted 4. She’s the lens through which we see everything work out for Nate and Elena. They run their own salvage business and go on treasure hunts all around the world. She’s definitely the right one for the job. She’ll have her parent’s sense of humor, and she’s much more likely to go out on an adventure that’s sure to put her in harm’s way.

An inexperienced fortune hunter is what we need. Cassie would be great, and she acts as a point of reference for the game’s last protagonist. Family drama and a coming of age story similar to the Tomb Raider reboots would work, but in a much more Uncharted fashion. The game could do a lot for the franchise, but I’m just as happy to let it be with nothing else.

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