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Resident Evil Village Random Difficult Would Be Insane


At the time of writing, the Resident Evil Showcase hasn’t happened. However, a trusted source is chatting about a new potential difficulty mode in Resident Evil Village, and I can’t help but think about it. While it may have been confirmed and explained further in yesterday’s event, I’m just talking about the details that have been shared so far in this article. It’s a game mode that sounds extremely exciting, one that removes the need for a mod and puts more potential gameplay time in for every fan of the upcoming Resident Evil Village. The randomizer difficulty.

This difficulty mode would randomly change Resident Evil Village’s story. It’s only available once you’ve finished the main campaign, so it’s never going to spoil the story for you. Though it could once you’re playing it and can’t remember the main story. This mode will change the position of items, enemies, and who knows what else in the game. It could even alter puzzles and the order in which you need to take on each area. I expect that the items will dictate that order to a degree, but we’ll have to wait and see how linear the game is first.

There are randomizer mods for pretty much every Resident Evil game out there. They do all of this and make the games infinitely more enjoyable. Veterans can jump into a game they know like the back of their hand and suddenly find that they know nothing. Items you rely on are gone, replaced with useless alternatives. This is what makes for great gameplay adventures, as well as great viewing opportunities. I can see a lot of content creators jumping on this mode once the game’s main hype is over. It’s how they’ll keep it alive and keep their viewership interested.

Not enough games have randomizer difficulties like this. What my hope is is that there will be random combinations that can make it impossible to progress unless you have a decent level of skill. That would be pretty interesting, to see if there are any potential combinations that make the game broken in a way, and how players work to overcome that.

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