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Pick Up Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition Before It’s Gone


Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition is currently available for free to all PlayStation owners. This article is your reminder to download it while it’s available because it’s such a fantastic game. It’s really not something that’s worth missing out on, even if you don’t play it for years yet. with Horizon: Forbidden West coming to PS5 in the future, it’s also worth playing through the story so that you have it all stored up in your mind, ready for when the sequel hits and you need to move forward. It’s also got one of the greatest game worlds that I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game about exploring a world hundreds of years after it ended. Humanity has reverted to tribal clans that occupy distinct areas. While most of the animals survived, there are also animal-like machines that are roaming the world too. For some of these machines, there’s harmony with humanity. For most though, humans are an enemy that must be destroyed. This is a key part of the story, and I don’t want to spoil anything. You’ll travel the world and experience all kinds of creatures and machines, and each one is breathtaking in its own right.

The real star of the game is Aloy though. She’s a capable young woman who will conquer all sorts of challenges by the time you’re finished with the story. You get to fight machines, craft items on the go, and take on insurmountable foes. There’s no better feeling than taking down some of this game’s more formidable enemies and realising that you just did it all as a single human. It makes you feel like you could do anything in life, and games that make you feel that way are always worth playing more.

It’s free for a limited time as part of Sony’s Play at Home initiative. It’s designed to give people something to do at home instead of going out and doing things that they shouldn’t. We’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and we need to be sensible. What better way to be sensible than to load this game up and play it for at least 100 hours?

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