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Resident Evil Village Has Shacks To Hide In And Defend Yourself With


I’ve had a lot to say about Resident Evil this week. The demo opened my eyes to a lot of mechanics, and it showed me that this game is going to be very different, but still a Resident Evil title. I don’t think that’s more prevalent anywhere in the demo than through the shacks that you can hide in. I didn’t notice it at first, but these are reminiscent of moments in Resident Evil 4 in which you can hide and barricade doors. They give you space from your enemies that’s much needed in the most intense encounters. It doesn’t make things any less terrifying though.

These shacks are dotted around the village. I don’t know if you can only use the defenses once and then they’re gone, or if they respawn. This was a 30 minute demo that didn’t allow me the luxury of finding that out. What I did notice was something that’s designed to help you deal with a lot of enemies. You can find a foe, a werewolf in my case, and then run into the shack. You can cover the door pretty quickly and prevent that foe from coming in. You can also hit some bags of flour and create cover. Under that cover, you can run or shoot the enemy.

These shacks also have helpful items like ammo inside, not a lot though. They’re built to give you the slightest edge against enemies that are pretty quick and powerful otherwise. Trust me when I say that you’re not ready for the werewolves, but these shacks are going to help. They don’t feel cheap, and they certainly don’t give you an unfair advantage. If anything, they level the playing field and make the game feel like you have a chance of succeeding. Getting cocky will get you killed though.

I’m now curious about what other features from older Resident Evil games have been translated or updated for this entry. I think that Capcom could have done a lot with all the aspects of the Resident Evil franchise they’ve come up with in the past. Whether they make the most of them or just give us something new, remains to be seen.

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