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How Could Umbrella Be Involved In Resident Evil Village?


After seeing all the new stuff on Resident Evil Village this weekend, I have one question, how could Umbrella be involved? The company is synonymous with the franchise, and we’ve seen the logo in a recent trailer. I have no doubt that the company is responsible for all the mad things going on in the game’s village in some way shape or form. I have no concrete clues as to how the company is involved though. Wha tI do have are theories, and they all revolve around the past games and what we’ve seen it do to both people and the world at large.

Umbrella experiments on people. The company has no issues doing this, and that’s why I think that every creature in this village is a result of some work that Umbrella has been doing. I reckon that Lady Dimitrescu is a tyrant, and that she’s passing on part of her mutation through her daughters and the bites she gives the women in her cult. It makes total sense that Umbrella would make a tyrant that can create its own army if dropped into a warzone, the daughters are probably an unexpected side effect though.

As for the other enemies, such as the werewolves and the guy with the telekinesis, I think they’re also experiments. To what degree, I’m not certain. I’d say that whatever Umbrella is doing though, it’s getting better at it. Before, they created zombies and enemies that were mindless. They couldn’t be controlled and killed everything in sight. Now, they’ve got tyrants and BOWs that are completely under their thumb or the thumbs of those with the mutations at least.

this is where the company has failed though. They made a series of tyrants that can create and control their own minions. those tyrants have rebelled though, and that’s why this village is such a mess. It’s also probably why Chris Redfield is in the area, using Ethan as a way to distract the tyrants while he focuses on stopping Umbrella. I think this is a definite failure on the company’s part, and I can’t wait to see how deep the facility goes.

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