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Steer Clear Of Resident Evil Village Spoilers


A few copies of Resident Evil Village have made it into public hands. I’m not sure how this has happened, but it has. While it doesn’t mean that your copy won’t arrive early, it does mean that it’s important to be on the lookout for spoilers online, if you want to avoid them. At this point, there are a few individuals who could go around to a few forums and spread some true lore from the story, just because they want to show off. I’m thoroughly against this since this is a story that I think people need to experience for themselves.

Resident Evil Village is a game that it’ll be good to be surprised by. If you know when danger is coming, you’ll know when to look out for it. This is awful because it ruins any and all surprises that the game could throw at you. Instead, what you want to do is go in blind. Currently, we know things like Lady Dimitrescu lurks in Castle Dimitrescu, and there are werewolves in the village. We don’t know when these enemies appear, and we don’t know their exact behaviors. Once we’ve played the game though, we will know it all.

Horror games have to work harder these days to scare anyone. Jump scares are part of that, but it’s more about creating an overwhelming sense of dread Resident Evil games used to be really good at that, but they’ve gotten worse over the years. Right now, we all have the chance to jump into a game and be pleasantly surprised by how scary it is. If you read some spoilers though, you’ll only be ruining the experience for yourself. That in turn will make you want to spread those spoilers so that no one else can have the same surprise.

I implore all of you reading this to steer clear of spoilers. If you want to read them, fine, just don’t ruin the game for the rest of us. I want to be scared, and I don’t want to know what’s going on around the corner when I play this game. Not until I’ve finished it and am on my second playthrough or something like that.

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