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How Did Io Interactive Miss The Black Hat Glitch In Hitman 3?


If you’re an avid Hitman 3 player like me, you’ll probably have completed the Black Hat Elusive Target last week. This is a rerun of an old Elusive Target that was first introduced in Hitman 2, though it takes place in a location from the first game in the reboot trilogy. Now, there’s been a glitch in Hitman 3 that ties all three games together in a very curious way. What I want to explore here is how this glitch could have gotten through without Io Interactive picking it up. It affects all players, and concerns the reward you should get by completing your first Elusive Target in Paris.

The reward I’m talking about is the Tuxedo with Gloves outfit. It’s a snazzy suit that makes Agent 47 look like he’s out on the town but also very aware of touching things that might not have been properly sanitised. It should unlock when you complete your first Elusive Target in Paris. However, for all players who have picked the series up with Hitman 3, it’s not unlocking. Io Interactive has responded to the community by saying that it’ll find a solution and update us all at the time of writing. Whether that’s been fixed or not by the time this article comes out, I’m not sure. I apologise if it has been because I can’t include details of the fix here.

To me, this shines a light on the fact that Io Interactive is spread too thin. It’s working on this new Project 007 game with most of its staff, and the Hitman 3 developers don’t have enough time to build new content and properly test everything for a new season. I think that the Black Hat Elusive Target was pushed through without any testing. It works in Hitman 2, so why shouldn’t it work in Hitman 3 right? Clearly something didn’t work though. Maybe it’s the differing systems, or some of the new suits that have been added to the game. Either way, it’s clear that Io Interactive needs to put more time into Hitman 3, otherwise that game, which it’s relying on for income each Season of Sin, is going to die way too soon.

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