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Why I Want Nintendo To Announce Metroid Prime Hunters 2 Next Week


Recently I gave two of my nephews a Nintendo DS each. I did this because they have friends who have consoles but none of their own. While I was cleaning these ones up, I discovered that I’d been holding back a lust to jump into all my favourite games from the platform. It had so many that I did and didn’t play, and loads that are now cult classics. One of those was my Japanese version of Pokemon Pearl, another was Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Something that I didn’t consider at the time was Metroid Prime Hunters. I’d gotten the First Hunt demo with my original DS, and after booting it up I was hit with a huge dose of nostalgia. I remember playing the game for weeks, and now I want a remake or sequel from Nintendo’s E3 2021 press conferred.

Nintendo has already announced and released loads of Nintendo DS remakes. They’ve sold relatively well, and have given Switch players a chance to see games that made the DS such a fabulous community to be a part of. Metroid Prime Hunters deserves a remake or a sequel at least, because it was the best first-person shooter on the platform. Nothing surpassed it, and that’s because it’s a Nintendo IP. The Metroid Prime series hasn’t been touched for years, and now Nintendo is under immense pressure to do something with it. If not Metroid Prime 4, then get a sequel to this gem out.

Metroid Prime Hunters introduced the concept of Samus fighting with and then against other bounty hunters. It gave the story and gameplay a level of depth that I haven’t seen in the series since. Each planet had two versions, one vanilla, and one where it has been tainted by a bounty hunter. The game also had a competent multiplayer mode that was way better than the one seen in Metroid Prime 2. That’s mainly because it had online functionality though.

Metroid Prime Hunters is my all-time favourite DS game, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without it. I desperately want a sequel from Nintendo next week, but I would honestly take a remake or Metroid Prime 4 as well.

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