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What Could A Plague Tale: Requiem Be About?


A Plague Tale: Innocence is about just that, innocence. Hugo and Amicia have their innocence stripped away when their father is killed and their mother is taken from them. They have to survive brutal situations and even become killers to eventually emerge with some sort of family together again, hopeful for the future. A Plague Tale: Requiem will be very different, and I think that’s evident from the name. Innocence is a telling word, it shows you what has been lost, and where the game’s story starts out. Innocence is important. Therefore, Requiem must be as important for this sequel, but I wonder in what way it will be so important.

Let’s start with the meaning. As far as I can tell, requiem is a word for a mass for the dead. It’s like a chant, something you mutter to say your peace for the dead. However, it could also be taken in a way that means you’re chanting to keep the dead at bay and peaceful. Centuries ago people believed that if you didn’t get the right burial, your soul would wander the Earth in search of the afterlife, scaring mortals forever more. The same is true of some modern day beliefs, which is why funerals and dealing with the dead respectfully is such a big thing.

The only way I can think to link this to A Plague Tale is if Hugo and Amicia’s mother dies at the start. Just like their father, she could be ripped away from them, forcing them into another journey that they have to rush down with no end in sight. For Hugo, this would be the last straw, which is why he may join up with one of the warring forces in the area. With his gift, he’s able to protect himself as long as the plague rats are around. He’s a powerful weapon for any army.

Amicia would want to get Hugo back, and have them reunited as their mother would want. That would be her requiem if that makes sense. I believe that this game will tear the sibling apart and start a chain reaction that will end in the third one. We’ll have to wait until the game comes out to see if I’m right.

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