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Wait For Cyberpunk 2077 To Come To PS5 And Xbox Series X/S Before Playing It


Cyberpunk 2077 is officially coming back to the PlayStation Store, but it has a warning on it. The warning comes from Sony, and informs all consumers that they should only play the game on a PS4 Pro or PS5, otherwise the game won’t live up to anyone’s standards. For a game to need this warning is a sign that it shouldn’t be on the platform. CD Projekt Red is hard at work fixing it, but if this warning is still needed then the game clearly isn’t up to standard. What needs to happen is for everyone to wait and play the game as it was clearly intended to be played, on PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S.

I’m not sure why we’re all trying anymore. Clearly, this game was designed to be a showcase piece like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, it failed for whatever reason. Something that the developer didn’t consider is the fact that most people wouldn’t play it on the latest hardware. After all, so many people have a PS4, there’s no reason to upgrade until it’s essential, or you have the cash. That’s not what CD Projekt Red believed though, and that’s why the last-gen versions of the game are such a state still.

I played the game at launch on an Xbox Series X and it was still plagued by bugs. It was playable, and seemed good enough, but it was so lacking in a lot of areas that I ultimately gave up playing it. I didn’t see the point if it wasn’t going to be the intended experience. I’m going to do the same now and actively avoid playing the game until it hits current-gen consoles. I’d like to be able to play it as intended on my Xbox Series X, and I’m willing to wait.

Developers shouldn’t release their games until they’re at the point where the vision can be expressed to the player. If that’s not happening, then there’s no point. The story won’t come across, and all parties will be disappointed. By waiting, we all ensure that we get to play what all those who worked on the game wanted to make. Hold off just a bit longer and soon you’ll be able to see the game that’s really in there.

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