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The Biggest Online Slots Prizes Ever Won

The game of online slots is widely regarded as fun, simple and suitable for players from all walks of life. Easy to play and governed exclusively by chance, slots require no previous experience to be successful. All you need is a bit of luck and you can win a nice Jackpot! but big winnings are usually a rarity. Online slot games are ideal for recreational players who are more interested in the gaming experience than getting rich. Many slot sites who offer progressive jackpot games have paid out 7 figure sums in the past. Having said this, there are a few worthy examples of people who won a fortune playing this game.

John Orchard

The biggest online slots jackpot winner in history is John Orchard, a former factory worker who claimed £5.9 million. This is by far the largest amount ever won by someone playing bingo and it will be very difficult to surpass. He chose to gamble online at a prestigious casino website, just like millions of players from Britain. Far from being a highroller or big spender at bingo tables, he invested no more than £.30 to win this amazing amount. Once he found himself rich, he chose to spend a part on a new home and car.

Georgios M

Georgios M is the second biggest slots winner on our list, but one that chose to keep his activities private. What we know is that the Greek businessman made the most of the £5.1 million he won at a relatively young age. The 36-year-old didn’t waste any time and made a string of smart investments with the money won in the casino. This has helped him expand his business while keeping bingo a casual pastime, rather than increase the stakes.

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter spent just £5 on a bingo bet and ended up winning £1.3 million. The 33-year-old was a casual player at the time she scooped the big payout, yet she made the most of her newfound fortune. She decided to invest a percentage of the money to buy a new home, while also changing her aging car. The small investment was enough to produce a massive win, which serves as inspiration for other players.

Soraya Lowell

Back in 2009, Soraya Lowell change her life completely when she won a slots jackpot worth £1.2 million. She was a cleaning lady at the time and this massive payout changed her life for the better. Unfortunately, the good luck didn’t last long enough and eventually she lost all the money she made. In spite of filing for bankruptcy just a few years later, she continues to top the charts of bingo winners.

Christine Bradfield

Christine Bradfield is another player from the UK that became a millionaire while playing bingo. She won the amount at the Castle Casino Club in Wales, a place that she frequented to play her favorite game. On that lucky night she walked away with a £1.1 million jackpot win after investing no more than £16.

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