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The Liability Was An Awful Elusive Target In Hitman 3


The Liability, the latest Elusive Target to hit Hitman 3 for Season of Sloth, was pretty disappointing. To go one step further, it was awful. It was so easy that the entire community basically gave up on talking about it. I saw more players discussing Contracts than I did this new Elusive Target. That’s extremely damning for content that’s supposed to be the highlight of each roadmap. Io Interactive dropped the ball with this one. I’ve seen speedruns done in 11 seconds with zero effort, and everyone is pretty deflated by the whole thing. This needs to change.

The biggest reason that this Elusive Target is a disappointment is that it’s brand new. It’s not a rerun from Hitman 2016 or Hitman 2, this is new content for Hitman 3. It feels like Io Interactive is putting in the smallest amount of effort and thinking that it’s okay, but it really isn’t. I think the entire community is fine with reruns from older games, that makes sense. But for the brand new Elusive Targets to be so poor is just disheartening. It makes Hitman 3 feel like a dying game, but the truth is that it isn’t. The player base is so committed to making new content, and part of the reason for that is the awful new stuff we’re being given.

Io Interactive would be better off giving us two reruns of Elusive Targets per month, and a single new one for Hitman 3. Forget about the rest of the new content, like the Escalations that are missing from Season of Sloth. Let’s just have something that’s worth our time. Next season’s new Elusive Target needs to have something better to offer us than this. The Liability is a nice trophy to have, another kill under the belt, working towards a larger reward in time, but it’s not exciting.

Hitman 3 has had a really good run of content leading up to Season of Sloth, but now it’s all slowing down. If Io Interactive wants the game to survive and people to keep buying content from it, then it needs to put more effort in. As the game stands, players are just moving on.

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