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Have You Tried Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline Yet?


Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline launched yesterday, and it’s well worth trying out if you even remotely enjoyed the base game. This is the first real DLC for the game, and it ties together the entire Watch Dogs universe by bringing Wrench and Aiden to the forefront. These protagonists of the previous titles have a mad adventure that gets suitably deep and dark in some places, but it also relies on that sense of fun that has permeated the games since Watch Dogs 2. If you really love the manic sort of missions that Wrench was made for, then you need to play this expansion.

In Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline, you’re playing in the same dystopian London, but this time you’re Aiden Pearce. He’s been brought out of hiding to save his nephew, except that’s just landed him in more trouble. Without going into too many details, I love how this DLC effectively adds more to Aiden’s story arc. Everything else is filler within the Watch Dogs universe. Aiden’s story began with him losing most of his family. However, throughout the first game, his sister and nephew were his constant. Now, he’s got to be the constant as he works to save his nephew. I really love how Ubisoft has brought the story back on itself.

As Aiden, you’ve got some powerful abilities up your sleeves, and it’s also quite interesting to play around in Watch Dogs: Legion as a single consistent character. It’s not what the game was designed for, but it still works. In the same way that you might favor one NPC over another, Aiden quickly becomes your favourite protagonist in the DLC, and playing as him is a real joy. Of course, there’s a lot more to the DLC than this, but I really don’t want to spoil it for those of you who might not have experienced it yet.

The bottom line with this is that it’s more decent content for Watch Dogs: Legion. If you love these games and want to get more bang for your buck, this is precisely how you do it. Stop wasting your time in other games, put in the effort here and now to save Aiden’s nephew, and maybe have a fun time with Wrench too.

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