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Red Dead Online Blood Money Is Extremely Good


This week, Rockstar Games dropped the big summer update for Red Dead Online, Blood Money. This update brings a huge chunk of stuff to the online game, and as a newcomer, I love it. I’ve never been one to play Red Dead Online before. It felt like too much of a grind to have on top of Destiny 2. However, after jumping in this week, getting through the short tutorial, and playing the Blood Money content for a few days, I have to say that it’s not much of a grind at all. Everything that’s been added makes sense and gives the world a fuller feel, it’s well worth your time.

Red Dead Online is like any other MMO. It’s got story missions and repeatable activities. Blood Money brings forward some new repeatable activities that make a bit more sense though. There are single missions that are self-contained, but then there are three-parters too. On top of this, you can earn currency to unlock bigger and better missions, and these are the ones you should chase. The world is built for this sort of work. Do the smaller missions to prove yourself and eventually unlock the larger ones. The ones that bosses only want the best of the best on.

Blood Money changes what it means to play Red Dead Online, at least for me. There’s no story to smash out to get the best gear or anything like that. You can do what you want, and if all you want is Blood Money Crimes, then that’s possible. There’s also a new sort of season pass that you pay once for and can continue to unlock as each new one drops because it awards the same amount of currency required to purchase it. This is a change that basically means that I’ll always buy that season pass. There are only 25 ranks at a time, and you’re guaranteed to smash them if you play all the new stuff at once.

I have had a great time in this update so far, and intend to keep playing it as time goes on. I hope this helps alleviate any terrible perceptions of the online world that people have out there. Get in and come and live your best cowboy life.

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