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GTA Online Could Become Any Game You Want It To Be


With this week’s addition of Lost Santos Tuners to GTA Online, it’s becoming apparent that this game could be anything you want it to be. There are games out there in which you can craft a small community who love taking part in something very specific. Racing games are generally good for car enthusiasts who want to go for a drive and show off their vehicles. Likewise, gun enthusiasts like a realistic shooter they can all talk about expertly without doing much shooting. In GTA Online though, it’s possible to do a lot of things that are completely separate to the main game.

Lost Santos Tuners is a great example of where Rockstar Games seems to be taking the game. It’s an expansion that allows you to tune your car to a ridiculous degree. There are underground street races, and a culture that’s being fostered around doing up your car and sitting there talking to others about it. All of this happens in real life, and there’s a big culture around it. Bringing it to GTA Online is a natural fit, but then so too are many other things. For example, you could have a shooting club, a parachuting club, extreme sports package, and so much more.

GTA Online is almost a game in which you can live a second, virtual life in a very specific way. It’s just missing the hobby you’re after. I think that Rockstar Games is going to continue expanding the title with more and more content like Los Santos Tuners. Specific cultural stuff that will appeal to those who can’t actually make it work in real life. I know that car enthusiasts pour thousands of pounds into their vehicles, and there’s never any way of getting it back, unless they sell the car of course. That’s not why they do it though. They love talking about their cars and spending time on them, so they’ll never get rid of them.

Sub cultures are going to be the way that Rockstar Games keeps GTA Online relevant, and I honestly think it’s going to work. I can’t wait to see them add paragliding into the game and give us races for those.

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