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EA Motive’s Dead Space Looks Like A One For One Remake


Last week’s Dead Space remake reveal still has me reeling. I’m absolutely shocked that EA put this thing forward, let alone put a talented team like EA Motive onto it. However, I do have to give the publisher credit, it’s been such less awful about its games in recent years. While watching the game’s trailer, I noticed something. It looks less like a reimagining, which is what the rumours suggested, and more like a remake. I didn’t expect the game to star Isaac Clarke or be set in the same place as the first title, but it really looks like that’s what’s happening. I’m here for it.

The trailer opens with a look at a necromorph. The technology used on the doors is the same as you see throughout the entire original Dead Space trilogy. That’s not too much of a jump though. The enemies need to be the same for this to be a Dead Space game, and the visual style is something people will recognise. What threw me was Isaac Clarke, or at least what looks like an engineer in a very familiar room. It’s the room where you first see the call to chop off the enemy’s limbs. This was a pretty great callback, but still not a definite confirmation that this is a remake.

What confirms that this is a remake for me is the final screen. It shows the Ishimura near the planet that it stops near to crack open in the first game. This is a one for one replication of the opening to Dead Space. Isaac Clarke heads to the Ishimura to check in on his girlfriend, but also to fix the ship up because of its presumed engineering issues. That, as we know, is not the case for either situation, and things go south fast.

I can’t wait to see what EA Motive does with the source material. I’d expect the story to follow a similar path now, but if everything else in terms of gameplay is new, I’m here for that. I want something that feels fresh yet just as terrifying and familiar as the original game. It’s a franchise I adore, and I can’t wait to revisit it.

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