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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Is Exactly What I’ve Been Waiting For


Rockstar Games launched GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners last week, and it’s the expansion that’s finally convinced me to get into the game. GTA Online has never been an appealing game to me. I got enough out of Los Santos in the main game of GTA 5, and having a bunch of replayable missions is what I tolerate in Destiny 2, not this game. However, there was always something missing that I knew would make the game something I’d have to play, car tuning and customization. With the addition of Los Santos Tuners, I have to admit that I’ve been having a blast.

Los Santos Tuners doubles down on the car enthusiast culture that always has been part of this game. There are tonnes of cars you have limited customization options with, but now you have even more. On top of that, there are more races, and just more to do that’s focused around cars, racing, and having fun on the streets of Los Santos. It’s exactly what fans of GTA San Andreas like me have been asking for from the start. We want more realistic representations of cultures in the game, and race car fans are a huge one that’s been ignored until now.

The reason I’ve always wanted this in the game is because it was so good in GTA San Andreas. That game had a big car customization mechanic, and actually had the best cars in a GTA game to date at the time. I still think about the driving and how good it was now. Part of the car scene in that game was customization. You could take your customized car out and compete with others in competitions for the best stupid lowrider or anything else. Of course, there were always races, but this was the game to make car culture such a prevalent thing.

I’m so happy that Los Santos Tuners is here. It’s got everything an older GTA fan like me could ask for and so much more. I’ve been digging into it for a week or so, and it’s the only thing that sells me on GTA Online as a game. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

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